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How To Exceed Employee Expectations For Office Parties

Ladies and gents of the corporate cosmos, it’s that time of the year again! Time for you to take a pause from spreadsheets and spacebars and channel your energy into a different kind of project; a corporate party. The end-of-year functions are an opportunity for employees to let their hair down and engage in casual conversations beyond work strategies.

But have you ever wondered what the employees actually expect from these events? Sure, decorations are meticulously planned and the DJ is ready to spin his beats. Yet, beneath this surge of excitement, there are few key ingredients that are sure to make your colleagues eagerly mark their calendars and get their dancing shoes ready! Armed with facts and insider info, we’re about to jump right into what makes an office party a truly successful one!

A Break From Routine

In the monotone of cubicles and meetings, dreaded elevator chats and awkward encounters at the water station, an office party is something that everyone looks forward to. The magic lies in finding the common denominator – be it discovering shared passions, hidden talents or shedding inhibitions in the midst of colleagues.

We suggest a change of scenery – taking your group out to an outdoor venue is a great way to start off. Our Christmas party cruises on Sydney Harbour are very popular venue choices among Sydneysiders – luxury ambience with the ever-changing backdrop of the harbour shoreline. 

If the group numbers scale up, you can go for a private deck hire on the Magistic or Clearview. Sharing is fun, but a private deck hire reserves the venue exclusivity just for you and your group! From duration and types of menus to beverage options and onboard equipment, you get the power to make your dream party a reality! On a side note, you can also charter the entire boat if the group size is greater. Just call us to get started.

From Office Snacks to Culinary Adventures

Lunch breaks and sneaky snacks have their own place, but come office parties the expectations skyrocket. The run-of-the-mill is not going to cut it – curating a gastronomical spread is a novelty. From gourmet food stations to innovative cuisine concepts, surprise and delight your foodie group. 

Pro tip: While you’re coming up with an epicurean dream, be sure to check with your group if they have special preferences and dietary needs. The last thing you want is somebody feeling left out.

Zero Hierarchy

An office party where bosses and team members celebrate in separate groups? Boooring! Employees expect an environment where hierarchy takes a back seat, where executives mingle with the juniors, encouraging open conversations and strengthening connections.

The real thrill lies in seeing the boss rock a 70’s karaoke duet or the CEO turning up on the dance floor, busting a move or two. Is there a better way to see the true personalities behind the job titles? This obviously creates a setting that transcends the plain ol’ office dynamics. 

Unity in Diversity is The Motto

Diversity and uniqueness shouldn’t just be encouraged in the project boardroom but at the party venue as well. We’re talking about a party where everyone’s expectations are woven into one massive celebration. Think music that represents different tastes, decorations that honour various backgrounds, and a vibe that resonates with every corner of your diverse workforce.

Even the playing field; include everyone one way or the other. Multicultural themes, inter-team dance-offs or karaoke sessions can enhance the unity quotient. Employees look forward to an event where they're not just part of a team, but part of a tapestry of unity that celebrates every thread.

Lastly, The Element of Fun

Entertainment is your secret weapon. The most treasured souvenirs from an office party are not the leftover cupcakes or trophies, but the stories that become legendary. An office party should be a chapter worth narrating over and over again – the tale of a wild dance-off, the triumph of the underdog in a trivia, or the laughter that echoed through the halls. 

Employees look forward to shedding their work personas and turning into dance floor divas and disco kings. Engage them with interactive games, thought-provoking events and even themed parties. Tick all of the above and you got yourself a party that will be the talk of the town for days!

So, the next time you're tasked with shortlisting the top Christmas party venues in Sydney, remember, it's not a mere gathering; it’s a safe place where everyone expects to shed their formal personas and embrace their quirky side. Don't just fulfil their expectations, exceed them and make them wait in anticipation for the next office party adventure! ’Til then!