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Do’s And Don’ts Of Hosting An Office Christmas Party In Sydney

We’re almost done with November and the Christmas jingles are on its way. In Sydney, Christmas is a time for meeting up and attending parties. The warm weather in Sydney during December is just perfect for scuttling outdoors or fitting into those special Christmas suits you can’t wait to flaunt in front of your colleagues. If you’ve been looking for a perfect Christmas party venue in Sydney, here’s an option you wouldn’t resist. 

Get on board one of our Christmas party harbour cruises in Sydney to have a fantastic party experience. We offer an amazing festive ambience to ring in the Christmassy vibes in style. Join a harbour cruise Christmas party with your office buddies to blow off some steam and get down to spend some quality time with your teammates. We offer a range of Christmas party harbour cruises in Sydney that offer unique dining and entertainment options that will inspire you to come up with thrilling ideas to celebrate Christmas. However, as pleasurable as an office Christmas party can get, it runs the risk of turning into a pandemonium. So unless you want to open the pandora’s box, here are a few etiquettes you should keep in mind while attending an office Christmas party. 


It goes without saying that an office party is meant for the employees and is an opportunity for team bonding. Whether you’ve been with the company for a few months or a decade, you are expected to show up for the party. Especially, if you;re planning to make a move with the organisation, do show up! This could be your chance to impress your boss with your witty jokes and eventually climb up the corporate ladder. You may also want to engage everyone, even people whom you don;t know personally. If you’re the one who is hosting the party, keep in mind to attend to everyone in the room. Do look out for children and be a good host to them by entertaining them with a question or two about their favourite animated movie perhaps. The next thing you should add to the list of do’s is keeping yourself sober. Unless you want to purposely lose your job or mess up the party on behalf of a friend, always remember to stick to a two-drink maximum. If you’re attending a harbour cruise Christmas party in Sydney, do take a stroll to the spacious decks with a glass of your favourite drink in hand. Take in the excellent views while you unwind and blow-off some year-end steam. 


An office Christmas party has its own hidden rules and manners that the employees are expected to follow without fail. And here are some of the rules to keep in mind while attending an office party. Firstly, never ignore the dress code! If the company has asked you to follow a particular dress code, do keep up to it. The next thing is to keep your phones in your pocket or your bag. It’s never polite to be distracted by technology while you’re attending an important event with important people in it. An office Christmas party is an opportunity to get to know your colleagues and it’s always safe to keep your hands away from your phones and tablets, unless you have something important going on on the other side. Finally, don’t arrive empty handed. Christmas time is a time meant for sharing and that includes gifts. If you don;t want to disappoint your Secret Santa, don’t forget to buy a decent gift for the person. 

While an office party presents a wonderful chance to celebrate, do make sure to have the best time and wish the best for everyone around you!