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How To Exceed Employee Expectations For Office Parties

Ladies and gents of the corporate cosmos, it’s that time of the year again! Time for you to take a pause from spreadsheets and spacebars and channel your energy into a different kind of project; a corporate party. The end-of-year functions are an opportunity for employees

How & When To Get the Best Christmas Cruise Deals

Although many of you might consider a Christmas party cruise way out of your league, we’re here with good news for you. There are plenty of ways you can find good deals on or off the internet.

December Fun with Christmas Party Cruises in Sydney

There is some special joy in visiting Sydney during December as it flaunts spectacular summer weather and blue skies. While some of you might find the idea of celebrating Christmas in warm weather rather strange and unorthodox, a true blue Sydneysider will be delighted to show you how it is done! An easy way to get a grip of the real Sydney December feels, come aboard our famous Christmas party cruises for a fantastic cruising and dining experience.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Hosting An Office Christmas Party In Sydney

We’re almost done with November and the Christmas jingles are on its way. In Sydney, Christmas is a time for meeting up and attending parties.

Ring In The Christmas Vibes Onboard A Spectacular Christmas Party Cruise In Sydney

When Sydney welcomes the much-awaited Christmas season, excitement reaches a fever pitch for Sydneysiders as the weather is mostly pleasant and warm, apt for spending quality time outdoors. The season also sees a lot of party-goers as we see a great demand for party venues in Sydney. If you’re looking for a cosy venue to […]